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Case Studies

Each of our projects is unique in its goals and requirements. Our expertise is knowing which methods to implement in which circumstance, to achieve the desired outcome. The case studies below will demonstrate our ability to meet a specific need for a specific client.


While Dragon*Con has hosted one of the most unique conventions in the nation for more than twenty five years, the organization’s web presence lacked the personality of the dynamic event. The site was extremely content-heavy, and failed to communicate the personality of the team, and the conference attendees and fans. Read More


College girls do it all the time – borrow that dress for next weekend’s formal. But the girls were limited to the closets of the girls on their hall or in their sorority. KalosSwap gets the closets online, where users can see what’s in closets all across campus. It’s a social commerce application that’s sure to save users time and money. Read More

National Benefit Programs

NBP offers discount memberships to groups for such services as car rentals, hotels and hospitality, office supplies, etc. – services that the typical small or mid-sized business needs on a regular basis. Read More

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